Ultrabroad Band (100MHz to 10GHz) Tunable Electron Pulser for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Euclid offers an affordable solution that will retrofit and upgrade your existing TEM into an Ultrafast Electron Microscopy device. We use advanced RF and patented electron manipulation technologies to modulate and chop the electron beam into picosecond electron pulses with repetition rates up to 10 GHz. Duty cycle and repetition rate is continuously tunable to enable maximum flexibility in probing a wide variety of materials.

This novel time-resolved GHz stroboscopic concept enables your TEM to resolve fast atomic-scale processes for biomedical research and materials science. In the family of time-resolved electron probe methods, our laser-free GHz stroboscopic concept accesses a temporal landscape unavailable from other commercial solutions.

The Pulser system has been successfully installed to 200KeV JEOL TEM at JEOL USA and 300KeV JEOL TEM at NIST.


  • Energy Range: 100~300 keV
  • Beam Repetition Rate Range: 0.1~10 GHz
  • Duty Factor: 5%~100%
  • Radiation Safe
  • Column Height: ~30 cm
  • Vacuum Compatible with JEOL 200 keV & 300 keV TEMs
The Euclid TEM pulser