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GHz Stroboscopic Imaging for TEM

Euclid BeamLabs is developing a table top narrow band THz source based on small energy (few MeV) electron accelerator. We had performed a set of experiments at ATF (BNL) and AWA (ANL) producing hundreds of kWt peak power signals with pulse durations of hundreds of picoseconds.


Ultra-compact accelerator

Euclid Techlabs LLC is developing a novel MeV range electron source with two critical features needed for any space limited applications: an Ultra-nano Crystal Diamond (UNCD) Field Emission (FE) cathode for high quality 10mA (in pulse) current and a dielectric based accelerator (DLA).


CVD Diamond Applications

Diamond materials grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) are a relatively new class of engineering materials exploiting the superior thermal, mechanical, chemical, optical, and electronic properties of diamond. The CVD process allows for high purity & control of the material characteristics unavailable in either natural diamonds.

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Developing S-band and ultra–compact X-band accelerator components for industrial and medical applications

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Affordable retrofittable Stroboscopic GHz Ultra-fast TEM