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Euclid BeamLabs is developing a table top narrow band THz source based on small energy (few MeV) electron accelerator. We had performed a set of experiments at ATF (BNL) and AWA (ANL) producing hundreds of kWt peak power signals with pulse durations of hundreds of picoseconds.

Euclid Techlabs LLC is developing a novel MeV range electron source with two critical features needed for any space limited applications: an Ultra-nano Crystal Diamond (UNCD) Field Emission (FE) cathode for high quality 10mA (in pulse) current and a dielectric based accelerator (DLA).

Diamond materials grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) are a relatively new class of engineering materials exploiting the superior thermal, mechanical, chemical, optical, and electronic properties of diamond. The CVD process allows for high purity and control of the material characteristics unavailable in either natural diamonds, or high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) synthetic diamonds. These new materials are enabling applications such as megawatt microwave sources (gyrotrons), synchrotron beam line optics and windows, radiation-hard detectors, artificial retina coatings, electrochemical waste water treatment, optical windows for spectroscopic sensing of harsh environments, corrosive pump seals, heat spreaders for electronic components and diode lasers, just to name a few of the many advanced technological applications. Polycrystalline CVD diamond has been grown in plates as thick as 5 mm and 100 mm diameter.

Developing S-band and ultra–compact X-band accelerator components for industrial and medical applications
Pulse compressors, L, S and X-band RF windows, ultra-compact and more.

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Microscopy & Microanalysis 2019 Meeting

We are participating in M&M 2019 Conference. Visit our booth #1553.
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Our recent innovation is featured by APS Physics Synopsis

Driving an electron beam into a helical pattern with terahertz electromagnetic pulses allows researchers to measure the beam’s complete shape with femtosecond resolution. For more
information see:
The coauthored paper by Euclid scientists

Euclid Techlabs and ANL technology won a 2018 Techconnect Innovation Award

Euclid Techlabs/ANL technology for Portable Ultrananocrystalline Diamond based Field Emission Cathode won a TechConnect Innovation Award 2018 at recent TechConnect World Innovation Conference in Anaheim, CA, May 13-16, 2018. See also

Euclid wins several DOE SBIR awards

Euclid Techlabs wins severals grants in the recently released 2019/2018 DOE SBIR awards click here for DOE’s link. More specifically, two of them were awarded with Phase IIA, which is a representation and continuation of a successfully completed Phase II project.

Euclid received subcontract from University of Maryland for fabrication CVD-diamond

In November 2016 Euclid received a sub-contract from the University of Maryland for the next 5 years (total of $325K) to produce ultra-polished single crystal CVD diamond samples for high power radiation hardened field effect transistors.